On Tuesday we had our first day of the MA Designer Maker course at Camberwell College of Arts.
After the presentations it was asked to all the students to present the project proposal the would be the aim of the course.
I was a bit confused about what to choose but I think my decision came from what I’m most attracted in this moment and makes me curious.

Shapes, lights, and materials that we meet in the streets every day give us directions and make us do actions or forbid us to do others.
As we walk we come into contact with symbols, sounds, lights and shapes that warn us of a danger, point us in the right direction or give us information about what is happening around us.
All these elements are not given attention because our reaction is instinctive and immediate. We do not attribute an aesthetic value to what we perceive but we understand the message.

There are forms that speak universally and others that refer to a smaller number of people.
We can also say the same thing about materials and lights and sounds. There are materials that are used all over the world with the same function and others that change. Noises and sounds that we recognize everywhere we go and others that we can’t understand.

The aim is to look for a language of symbols that transmits to people an action or a meaning that I can then transform into everyday objects.

I am still looking for a title that can represent my research and my purpose.