Today has been a day of confusion. Last night I was positively lost drawing on the project. Some interesting ideas.

Every time I start a new project I am always anxious to find that “click” that clarifies everything and gives me the brilliant idea. This “click”, however, hides behind many other fake “clicks” that are regularly discredited after a short while. Probably it has matured over time, putting together all the dots, a connection that my head has made by combining the greatest ideas to the most demential ones.
All this is to say that when you realize that the map of dots to be completed is still big you inevitably have a moment of confusion about how to proceed. This morning I woke up and still had that sprint of happiness of having done so with passion the day before, although with an abundant amount of tiredness in the body.
Everything changed when it came my turn with Oscar after lunch (review of the project).
Not because he “disassembled” my little “click” from the night before, but because I realized that I didn’t have (and still don’t have) in mind the point where I want to get and I wasn’t even able to explain it.
It’s incredible how in 12 hours your perception of what you’re doing can change so radically.
How do I want to use the language I have chosen? Where do I want to take it? I feel that I am tying myself more to the form of things than to their meaning. As if I feel that I have to understand why they attract me.

Tonight I had more clicks, taken apart after a few minutes on the way home by bus.