Let’s start!

On Tuesday 1 October we had our first day of MA Designer Maker course at Camberwell College of Arts. It has been great to meet the course leader Maiko Tsutsumi and my new collegues.
Positive vibes.

I’m excited to start a new experience and to have new challenges.
Return to London after 7 years away has been weird, I have changed so much and also the city has changed.
I’m here to study this time as I was dreaming when I was working here. I live on the other side of the town this time… I love it! Getting lost in the neighbourhood, discovering new places and chatting with random people makes me feel alive and give me new inputs and inspirations.

Before to start the narrative of my projects that I will develop duiring this year I want to have a reflection about the process of getting here.
It has been a challenge for me, the process to being accepted at the College is not so difficult but I always had a problem regarding this kind of things, burocracy, deadlines, elegibility and so on. More than once, I thought something might go wrong and I won’t get there but instead it all went well. This is the fourth time I’ve emptied my room for a new adventure and it’s definitely been the hardest one, likely because I’m growing up and I settled well in Milan.
Thus I want to say thank you to me, to Gabriele of the last months that always had a focus of his aim. Well done!
Yes is wired to speak to me as is wired to me to write my thoughts on this new blog but I always wanted to start doing it so let’s start!