On Friday 04.10.19 I have been to the Pavillion of Art and Design in Berkeley square with Kien, one of my classmates.

It was a formative experience because it gave me the opportunity to see closely and in detail the masterpieces of craftsmanship made by artists and designers from all over the world.

Marteen Baas – Close Parity Asymmetric Cabinet at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery.
This cabinet is a limited production of 8 unique pieces in brass and wood. The first thing that attracts my attention is the irregular shape that reminds me of a skull and the small legs on which rests all the weight. The fact that even the circles are irregular (holes in the drawers) gives me the feeling of an object worked by hand and always different, in the same way even the lines of division between the drawers are not straight and all have a different size give a sense of uniqueness to its appearance. The shape differs from all traditional cabinets but at the same time is obvious its function at first sight. The whole drawers are made of dark wood that perfectly combines with the color of brass that does not have a homogeneous finish.
I already knew his work but this is the first time I see this closet live and impressed me, it gives me the idea of a silent object that speaks with its impressive presence in the room.

Etienne Moyat at Galerie Negropontes.
“He works with wood after having drawn a sketch, carves it, burns it, brushes it, varnishes it, but above all pays tribute to it as a living material, a vector of emotion and experience. He tells the story and reveals the identity of each essence he chooses. His gesture is free and instinctive. His work, intimately linked to time and movement, occupies the space of fluid energy lines.”
These panels carved for their process of realization, how to succeed in giving a new shape to a material that we know well, giving it even greater strength and at the same time retaining the main characteristics. The work done by the artist is completely manual and this also shows the time needed to complete a work.

Mirage Floor Light by Vezzini and Chen at Adrian Sassoon Gallery
“Ten blown and cut glass lights with carved parian porcelain interior components mounted on a brass stem”
This lamp reminds me of a tropical plant with fascinating and juicy fruits.
The three materials (glass, porcelain and brass) combine perfectly to give solidity to the structure and lightness and fragility to the other elements. The light that is produced is filtered by the pattern on the porcelain creating a pleasant diffused light that creates a feeling of tranquility.
The glass also reflects the light of the porcelain, creating an interesting interweaving of reflected lights.

This wooden console attracted my attention because of the leg composition and the different finish between the top and bottom. The curved leg has only a decorative function but visually gives more stability to the product (in my opinion). The gradual chamfering in the attachment between the legs and the top ensures that there is continuity of forms between the two parts even if the point of division is visible. A detail that I did not appreciate at all was the edge of the top that, instead of being completely blunted, has a small edge in the middle of the edge.
Reviewing now the images I took during the event I realize only now that, if I want to write something about it, I have to mark the name of the author and in this case a gallery where it is exposed so you can find more information about it (obviously).