Starting from the bronze casting made before Christmas, I decided to clean the dinosaur head in order to practice a little bit with metalworking.

Initially I used the sand-blasting machine to take out all the plaster left on the surface. In a few minutes I have cleaned quite well also the inside of the mouth.
I really enjoyed using that machine, save hours of sanding with files.

after sandblasting

Right after I cut the junction between the two parts of the mouth that has been created to make easier the metal to flow inside the whole shape.
I had just a few experiences working with this kind of thing in Portugal and even the smell of the workshop was reminding me of those times.

I cleaned all the pouring channel and the big grains. So I started to reduce the files to sand the internal parts of the mouth and I felt a bit like a dentist of a dinosaur! It was nice to give shape in the damaged parts and recreating the veining of the dinosaur’s skin.

After the technician gave me steel wool to make it smoother and to eliminate the small details. Because I wanted to make it really shining I asked also for the wax to polish it and I had a good result.
The final piece was 328 grams of bronze for a total of 5 £ paid for the material.

I enjoyed the whole process and took me less than I expected (one afternoon almost).

Meanwhile changed what I want to do with this technique. I wanted to recreate a cheese-borough clamp 3D printed but now I completely changed way. I would like to recreate the base of one of the lamps that I’m doing.

I have been impressed by the good outcome of the PLA casting bronze process. The T-rex was a gift and has been so much appreciated.
I hope that I will be able to keep it going with my ideas that involve this technique.