Takis’s exhibition at the Tate Modern impressed and excited me.
The power of magnetism in his works and the resulting harmony gave me the feeling of something magical and perfect.
As soon as I entered the room, I went back in front of a field of magnets that moved away from the magnetic field of this big magnetic disk that oscillated creating movement around itself.

Charming, simple and expressive.
The representation of a natural force without distorting it but praising it.
I had entered that exhibition without knowing what to expect, but it had already convinced me… and it was only the beginning.

Magnetism has always interested me, it gives me the idea of being a magical thing, out of the ordinary. But in reality it is nature, pure nature that expresses its power.
In magnets I have always seen the representation of nature but in an artificial way. Their shape is artificial but their power is natural.

The following works have been a growing of emotions. The canvases where you could see the tension of the magnets trying to reconnect gave me a sense of incredible power.
A love that must be reunited and embraced again.
Would the canvas ever break over the years?
The shapes of the magnets suspended in the air gave more dynamism to the work, exalted the concept.

From these canvases we moved on to the sculptures with the same basic concept.
These, unlike the love in the canvases, gave me a feeling of a clash, a powerful collision but stopped in the second before. The tension is evident, their movement is microscopic but it accentuates their power.
Some shapes vibrated slightly, reminding us that they were not fictional but really attracted by the larger magnet.

The following sculptures reminded me of Calder’s sculptures.
Stylistically very different but the balance, expressed through magnetism, is subtle and graceful.
Impossible not to understand them I thought, they speak clearly to those who see them.
I want to put my hand between the two magnets and see the sculpture that suddenly loses its shape. Exceptional.
Rewriting the sensations of the exhibition, I keep thinking about the impact of emotions that it evoked for me.
For me Takis, until 5 minutes before, was an artist I had never even heard of. A world opened up for me, my beloved magnetism so perfect.

In the second part of the exhibition, even if there was no real subdivision, I also found some references to my research.

As aliens suspended in the air I found these lights taken from industrial parts in the post-war period.
The lights turned on and off with a strange irregular intermittence. All of them were supported by a long thin pole that raised them up and gave to the lights a constant movement.
They reminded me of how flowers with the wind but at the same time all those lights have a very strong reference to what I know. I immediately began to attribute to him a provenance “ah that’s from a parking lot” “that’s from a car”.
They probably belonged to other objects but the value from but attributed is a consequence of my knowledge in the street. Symbols that have become something else but that still remind us of what they come from.

” The “Signals” are composed of delicate, moving rods springing from a solid base and topped with various industrial and technological fragments. Referencing natural and manmade antennae, they seem to commune with their surroundings. “

Another element that intrigued me was the use of an indicator panel as an artistic element.
The lights and their intermittence, connected to the moving indicators, create a meaningless movement that runs through the whole circuit.
Looking at it, it looks like a crazy control panel, a warning and danger signal but cheerful.
The symbols he used are all still recognizable, but they no longer have the same function.

Thanks Takis!