Today’s exhibition went well, I really liked the atmosphere that was created in the studio (also helped by alcohol). All very relaxed and eager to escape ideas and be inspired by others.
I also received a very significant feedback from one of the students of the three-year period who said “Why not try to fill the missing parts / holes that break the flat surface in the barrier? Introducing the “missing pieces” in this way”.
The second useful thing was the advice of two guys on where to go to get recycled materials from scaffolding such as clamps (so difficult to find).
It was also nice to know the projects of others, to see the work in progress of some works that I had glimpsed in the laboratories but with which I had never interacted.
Other works, on the other hand, were really enjoyable to “try”, play an instrument designed by Zherong with Kien, creating a new game on the spot; being part of a performance by Polly that created a moment of natural sharing for all the participants, intrigued people to get closer.

Setting up the space with my classmates and Maiko made me learn some notions about how to make the best use of a place. Basic notions that, when put together, form an overall picture that allows us to analyze an exhibition space in a correct way.