I started shaping the base of the Nissen lamp more than a month ago. For a long time it was the only thing I had done and I did it in very different periods. An initial sprint and then a stop for a long time, then a little bit and then still.
Now that I am back in Italy and I have my printer back, it seems to me the time to see what this first model I created looks like.

I made a very, very fast print because I just wanted to see the size, play with it a little bit.
There is no way to put the two parts together and I don’t have the porcelain part which is in London but I think it’s a good start to see the next step.

I had to find a way to print without the fan because it’s not working but by adjusting the speed of each printing level to 15 seconds there weren’t too many problems apart from lengthening the printing time but at the same time I reduced it by making each level 0.3mm high.