From rendering to the final model.

Since I can’t access the university foundry, and being able to carry on the whole casting process is expensive and I have little time, I definitely decided to print the final model still in bronze so I could take the photos.
I improved the second prototype (always printed in bronze filament) and I made stronger the upper part of the joint that had broken, as well as raising it by 1 mm.
The joint works perfectly the porcelain part turns and no longer moves because of the friction with the plastic piece.

I also added an improvement to the front part of the teeth that allowed the two pieces to slip slightly.
Now the clasp is perfect and remains in place without any unwanted movement.

So I took the first pictures of the final model! Really happy with the rendering of the porcelain with light and the perfection of the interlocking (as you can see from the video).

I smoothed a little bit the upper part where you could see the lines of the supports but in the photos you don’t even notice much.
I also made some small changes to the inclination of the upper part to have a better surface with the 3d print, since for now this is the final model.

I will then decide, contacting a foundry, whether to go against the costs to make the final bronze model.