This was the setup of the Assessment for the Unit 1.

Is not really clear from the picture above but the on the white paper on the table there are arrows that connect the different products, giving a chronologic order to show how the ideas have developed.

In the black notebook there is a project’s summary of what I think has been relevant.

I divided the table into three main areas.
On the right, there are the products related with pedestrian barriers.
In the middle, there is a stool made trying to take inspiration from scaffoldings. In the front left side, there is a development of the scaffolding clamps and a trials of a bronze cast from 3D printed PLA.
In the back on the left, there are the siren lamps (the original one, one biscuit fired and one glazed)

The conceptual map shows how I want to link the urban and the domestic environment. The images attached above the frame on right are all pictures that I personally took in the street of London in the last month and represent all the symbols that caught my attention daily. The diagram gives a timeline of the steps to take next and link the actions that we make in the two different spaces.

The assessment gave me a wider view of what I’m doing and how I have to organize the development of my project in the next Unit.
Arrange the table and the whole presentation gave me a hierarchy of the project and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the things I have done so far. It felt almost necessary to give a deadline to organize the informations collected in the past months.