I finally managed to make an oven at 1240 degrees and I baked the samples I had brought from the university (broken) and the colour shade tests in the parian (from 3 to 8 percent of body stain).

the result was not very satisfactory. If before the cooking I know could perceive a clear difference between the various gradations, once cooked no or cumulate only between the lowest and the highest but only very little.
The only colour that I particularly liked was the blue that I found in the studio with Chinese writing and that I discovered afterwards was not a body stain.

I also baked the first Nissen lamp suitable for the interlock I had disgendered for the bases and then I could experience it.

In addition to these things related to the project I also did the first two tests of the rolls of toilet paper dipped with porcelain and, surprisingly, some traces of the cardboard remained in some places.
I wonder how this is possible since the temperature has reached 1240 degrees. but the result itself is very nice, another test but I want to continue these experiments when I have time. Maybe by putting the rolls with the bottom at the top there would have been less this problem because there would have been a way not to keep the ashes of the cardboard blocked?