TATE Exchange

The experience we are undertaking with this project at the Tate is very stimulating. The Tate has given us the power of materials as a general theme. By doing a first brainstorming we selected some materials (almost all edible) that represent the immoderate consumption of man and the consequences that derive from it. Sugar, coffee, […]

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Working progress show

Today’s exhibition went well, I really liked the atmosphere that was created in the studio (also helped by alcohol). All very relaxed and eager to escape ideas and be inspired by others.I also received a very significant feedback from one of the students of the three-year period who said “Why not try to fill the […]

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A day in Oxford

We started our journey at the Museum of the History of Science which was formerly the Ashmolean Museum, the oldest public museum in the world (1683).We entered before the opening because Tony, our companion, organized a quick introduction with a memebre of the museum staff.This gentleman whose name I don’t remember accompanied us for half […]

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