Urban Domestication

Urban Domestication: The collection, still unfinished, sees urban shapes domesticated for private spaces. Just as humans have appropriated nature and animals in the past, now it is time to domesticate what we ourselves have produced and put on the street, confined to the urban environment often with contempt. Our urban memories have a new way […]

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Evaluative text

Evaluative text Unit 3 of the course was certainly different from what we expected. The world pandemic was a not negligible element that clearly changed the goals I had set for this academic year. In order to have a clear vision of my path in this unit, I decided to retrace the path I had […]

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Professional Statement

Professional statement As a designer I embrace a wide variety of techniques and methods, combining craftsmanship with technology to create a wide range of hand-made products, one-off and limited production collectible works. I enjoy experiencing and reworking artisan and industrial production techniques, with the aim of contributing to the development of new processes in non-traditional […]

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