A new type of urban lamp, a lamp that emits a faint, pulsating light. Its shape is not trivial and exists in at least 10 different models all very similar to each other.
It is here in England but there is also in Italy, its shape changes little but it is recognizable in all its representations.

I decided to take this one as the second lamp of the urban environment because I think it can be recognized almost globally as the battery lamp that signals a work in progress going unnoticed.

After I took it apart, I made the mold. The mold was not easy, to do a job well done I paid attention to every detail since the slightest mistake could mean having to redo everything.
Here, maybe I need this fear to do things well and think before acting, always think that the process is long and if you make a mistake you lose materials, precious time and desire to do it (because then you become more and more irritated).

Once the mould was finished, I had to wait a few days for it to dry completely. Once dry I immediately poured the ceramic inside and, with the idea of wanting to redo the minimum thickness I had done with the other lamp, I kept inside the ceramic only 6 minutes.
The result was of course unsuccessful because, trying to remove it from the mould, it broke in two pieces. I should have waited longer before taking it out but, in any case, my reasoning was wrong because it is not the thickness in the Parian that determines the passage of the lamp but the temperature (1240 °C).

the second attempt certainly went better even though there was still a small opening that I managed to repair.

Having still not seen the result, of the effect that would have reached 1240 °C, I decided to bake two pieces, one at the exact temperature in a small oven especially for me, and the other with all the other pieces at low temperature.
The result was surprising, the piece at 1240 degrees is much smaller than the other and the light passes uniformly and sensually. The other is whiter, rougher to the touch (the one at 1240 degrees is also self glazed) and the light does not pass even a little bit through its walls.

The Parian slip shrunk almost 16% as we can see below

left: biscuit fired low temperature, right: 1240°C