Once I finished the new design of the barrier I went to talk to George for the cutting.
Initially there were many things that were not going well, too fragile.

First of all I changed the upper part of the attack. No longer cutting it with the CNC but printing 3D a part that would then get stuck in the cut made.
The recess where this piece is going to fit, which has the same mechanism as the other lamp (Nissen Lamp), is square so that it cannot turn on itself once inserted.

I had to make the shape softer in some places because in the 3D model there were some geometries that would be strange once cut.

For each board there are two cutouts to make. First, the internal one to cut the channel where the electrical wire passes, the legs, and 4 small circles so you can then align the two parts without too much effort.

Iroko boards

red: roko board, orange: main body, green: first cut
internal cut
cut to align the boards after the cut
3d rinted junction that links main body with the porcelain part

There was a good understanding with George and we planned the cutting step by step.

Since the wood is slightly uneven we decided that it will be attached to another board with screws so that the other board can have a good grip on the vacuum table.

Since the preparation was long to get to the security of being able to perform the cut, unfortunately it will be performed immediately after the delivery of the unit because George is not there every day and then because, precisely, the preparation has taken a long time, but a necessary time to do things well done.