Urban Domestication: The collection, still unfinished, sees urban shapes domesticated for private spaces. Just as humans have appropriated nature and animals in the past, now it is time to domesticate what we ourselves have produced and put on the street, confined to the urban environment often with contempt.

Our urban memories have a new way of being recalled in order to make us feel more comfortable in the environment that we share and that we should feel more ourselves.
“Inhabiting the city means being at home everywhere

  1. Siren
    Sapele wood and Parian porcelain

2. Nissen Lamp
Bronze base (here 3D printed) and Parian porcelain

3. the Barrier Lamp
Iroko wood and Parian porcelain

(will be finished shortly and the render will be replaced with the photo)

The collection will soon be expanded with new products derived from urban shapes and materials.