From the expedients made making the scale model of the first Barrier Lamp, I decided to redesign it as a floor lamp.

I relied mainly on two things in redesigning the lamp: dimensions to make it functional (most importantly) and the size of the wooden boards I had chosen (Iroko).

So the final model after several intermediate steps of tests and heights is 140 cm high and consists of two sheets of 3.1 cm thick (6.2 cm total), 115 cm high and 27 cm wide.

The slender shape takes one of the first models of the abstract barriers that I had made in the first unit and that referred to time. The barrier takes even more human features and, if before it looked like a stocky man, now it looks elegant and slender.

I also changed the engraved strips that are no longer oblique but are straight. this change is due to a reference to the strips of the barriers specifically of London that are in many forms but are all characterized by this type of signage.