I found this emergency exit sign on the street some time ago. It seemed perfect for the moment, my emergency exit from the dark and dark moment.
The intention was to make a base out of terracotta, which was the only material I had in the studio for the moment, and then to put a LED strip inside to create a small and fast lamp.

I made the first base around the sign but, once it had dried, it broke because it shrunk too much.
So I created a new base and I widened it a lot and many times because it shrunk more and more. I still have to fire it.

The idea is to recreate a base without a precise shape and since the colour of the terracotta and the lack of glazes would have represented the earth.
The plastic of the emergency exit also comes from the ground like everything else and the two forms, one rigid and industrial and the other imprecise and organic, have a contrast between them.