first junction

Since I had already printed the complete form and had little material to completely reprint the base, I decided to print only the joint part and a small part of the walls.

The first print didn’t work, but by breaking one of the two bars of the lower part the interlock worked very well!
I only needed one of these to get the two parts to fit together. So I tried to improve some of the details by making the biggest joint, but in reality it was worse because there was a movement that was not present in the first joint.
The problem was also the quality of the print which, still without a fan, could not give me the necessary precision.

However, I was able to achieve a perfectly functional interlock for the back of the base. In a way the first attempt was the right one, even if after the break!

So I modified some parts of the first joint and made it better in some details, excellent result. Now, however, I miss to draw the joint of the front part.
In all this I have to calculate that this joint must also work with bronze and I’m still not very convinced about this but I would like to talk to a technician showing the prototype to understand what changes to make and then cast the prototype.

final junction