After a few sketches I started to draw 3D to try to understand, even with the porcelain top, how to create the wooden base that I think to realize with a CNC cut.

I would like to do the cutting with the CNC mainly because of the little time available and the possibility to make it in a small series.
So combine the casting part of the porcelain with the more digital part.
I want to choose a dark wood that can match the white of Parian.
Dark woods are almost all very expensive so I have to evaluate well which wood I will use before buying it.

The shape of the base derives from the pedestrian barriers, from my abstraction of their shape.
The feet I made them in metal like that of the scaffoliding; a hollow tube with a plate at the base that rests on the ground perpendicularly to the body so as to give an excellent stability to the product.
In the upper part I decided to engrave the “white and red” stripes even if they will not have color but will be an element that will make it easier for the viewer to understand the hegemony with the barriers.

So I create a barrier for domestic use, its shape is revisited but the porcelain part placed above immediately refers to the street and will evoke in the user memories related to the urban environment.
So what will happen next? When you go to the street will you remember the lamp and the home environment?

On the other hand it reminds me of the shape of a stumpy human. Like a cartoon character in an urban key.