Starting from this sketch my aim was to recreate the angle of the meshes that we see in the street as I already did making a rough model of a pedestrian barrier but this time indroducing “holes” in the grid.

The holes are the absence of something that we know it was there. We create in our mind the missing piece.

I started to bend the cylinder thicker and, after dividing in segments the lenght, I welded the horizontals meshes and then the vertical meshes.

I had a problem welding the crossing points between the meshes because the wires have bent over. Should I need to reduce the power of the electric weld next time? I remember that the time before, with the same wires, I had a much better outcome.

Disappointed of the result I decided to go on anyway in my experiment and I cut in different points the meshes.

I tried to bend again the sprains wires or to cut them out.

The big hole in the right-center take to much attention and I think it would be better just with small gaps between the wires. I like the cut of the crossing point in the low-left side because I even don’t notice it if I don’t pay attention.

I think that I should think at how to keep the wires straight and how to weld them without distortions and maybe don’t weld all the crossing points between the meshes but just the ones that will hold the structure.

And try the wave them instead?