Boa Viagem

Boa Viagem
Personal Project (Rio de Janeiro 2017)

Boa Viagem is a collection of cups and bowls realized from the shape of two tropical fruits: Cacao and Jackfruit.
During my year spent in Brazil, I was impressed by the beauty and peculiarity of these exotic fruits unknown by most Euoropeans and others shapes of shells and leaves.

I made 7 different plaster molds from the Cacao’s shape, cutting it both horizontally and vertically (bowls and cups), 2 of the Jackfruit in different size (bowls), 1 shell (salt shaker) and 1 big fruit bowl mold composed by different tropical fuits.
Ceramicao collection is made to trasform the breakfast in a ritual, to give the right atmosphere in the morning eating and drinking healthy.
Project realized with Carmen Heuvelmans and Cristina Balboni.


Ceramic Collection:
-Cacao bowls/cups
-Jackfruit bowls
-Shell salt shaker
-Banana leaf dish
-Tropical fruits bowl

Construction material
Ceramic (barbottina)
Plaster (mold)

Fuorisalone 2018
Milan Design Week