Mesa Azul

Mesa Azul
Commissioned project
(Rio de Janeiro, January 2018)

I realized “Meza Azul” during my stay in Brazil , together with a local carpenter, Viulson Silveira.
Mesa Azul is a table that has been designed to create an harmony with the surrounding space of the client: a huge cobalt blue house placed on the top of a hill in Rio de Janeiro with an amazing panorama.
The border sides of the table were painted following an “L pattern”, two sides left wood and two coulerd by a blue natural pigment, thus creating a game of perspective; the image of the observer changes according to his point of view: the table may appear completly blue (looking at the house) or completly wood (looking at the landscape) as one changes its position in the sorrounding space.


Table: H/85 cm L/200 cm D/100 cm
Bench: H55 cm L/200 cm D/45 cm

Table and benches

Construction material
Peroba Wood (Brazilian)
Blue natural pigment