Starting from the model I had drawn 3D I made a drawing by joining sheets in real scale.

From there I realized that I did not have any piece of wood often enough from which to obtain the material to make the full-scale model. So I took a piece of wood (tulip) that I had and I started to see if, cutting it into parts and reducing its thickness, I could make a 1:2 scale model.

Initially I did not have access to the studio’s wood workshop because I had to wait for someone to open it but I had a saw to cut by hand.
It was not a problem to cut the wood far or wide but it was a problem to cut it in thickness. so it took me 30/40 minutes to cut the first piece and also the second one. The problem was not the precision of the cut that I was able to do precisely but simply the time taken. Unsustainable.

I finally found someone who could open the lab and unlock the machines and so it was a piece of cake. I continued very quickly cutting all the parts.
In some moments I was too fast without thinking about the best order with which to make the cuts and, even with the machines, I took longer than necessary.

I always think about the order of the cuts before acting. maybe I had been taken by the rush to finally have the machines and I felt fast and wanted to make up for lost time previously.

After cutting all the necessary openings and assembling them I started to make the hole fer the wire. Even if I didn’t get the wire through because it was just the model. It was interesting to see how I could make the hole in the longest slab of the others and I had to do my best.

I numbered the pieces and started to make the engravings for the rounded parts by hand since the laboratory had closed. But this didn’t take long. With hindsight I could have joined the first and second parts from the top, so I would have one less piece to assmeblate.

In making the composition of the model initially I crossed the direction of the wood grain because it was the only way to exploit the wood at my disposal also because I had been advised by Oscar.

So I had all the parts recombined and glued them together the next day after I went to buy glue and, by sheer luck, found Lidl some clamps that were just right for me.

Once joined the parts I started to smooth them especially in the joint points trying to make them uniform and I attached the two small lower parts for the feet.

I decided that because I had time, I wanted to engrave the strips by hand and also because I had no other possibility.
So I put myself with hammer and chisel and slowly I made a side. Then sandpaper and then chisel again.
The result did not satisfy me but I did not have small enough chisels to make the right thicknesses.