Although I had momentarily put the mold aside from the siren in the parking lot I had not forgotten.

I thought and rethought about how to finish it and how to support the porcelain part but all the ideas that came to my mind did not convince me at all.

It was by looking at the photos of when I first tried the light bulbs back in London that I realized that it was already done, it was already finished. I just needed to create a base where I could put the light bulb and a good attachment system.

At that moment I knew it was the right idea. I started to make some very simple drawings without even the attachment with the lamp, so I could make it before the final delivery.

The next day I went to the laboratory and with a piece of wood (sapele) I made the first prototype.

The cable passes inside the thickness and arrives at the center where there is a hole the size of the lamp holder where it fits perfectly.

The lamp has an excellent effect with the light and when it is turned off it maintains a filling presence in the space, drawing attention to its decontextualization. The details in the upper part have an industrial character that emphasizes the concept.

In the first prototype there is not the lamp but I have already thought about some changes I want to make: the thickness of the wood slightly inclined and the addition of the interlocking part based on the same principle of the Nissen Lamp.
So I started to cut the porcelain part on the bottom creating two recesses so that I could make in wood a part of the same size that, once turned, blocks the lamp from turning. The same exact concept of the Nissen Lamp but making it in wood.
These changes for timing problems will be terminated after the delivery of the third unit but in time for the virtual show.