to get a clearer view of the 1:2 scale model I was making. I decided to print a scale model also of the porcelain part that I had already modeled in 3D.

The moment I put the lamp over the base I realized that this was the right size for a table lamp. And what had I made the real scale for then? It was too big for a table and too small for the floor.

Damn, I have to change it!
Plus I was looking for the slab of wood on which to make the CNC cut and actually finding a slab more than 35 cm wide was not easy as it would mean the heart of the tree.

So the model helped me to understand that I was doing something wrong.

The model itself, however, has proved to be very functional in its size and I will consider to make an aversion of the porcelain part of those dimensions so that I can make a reduced version.