Post-Event Report

Programme aims– What were your key aims and objectives of your programme? Were these met? Did the programme address specific issues of equality and social justice?
The aim was achieved and was to give a broader and more complete view of the whole process concerning coffee and its use.
The aim of the event was also to denounce the injustices of social impartiality both in terms of rights for women in coffee cultivation and in general for coffee producers living in poverty and producing a good that is consumed by the whole world in absurd quantities.

ChallengesBriefly, what challenges did you face while planning and delivering your event? How were the overcome?
The challenges we faced were mainly two for me.
1 that the meaning of the installation was perceived and was clear in its logical reasoning
2 the practical realization of the coffee and ceramic columns that could have collapsed at any moment and proved to be too fragile right from the start.

Audience Who was the intended audience for your programme? Did the actual audience differ from this?
We were expecting visitors of all kinds, families, individuals, young people and tourists and expectations were confirmed. there was a slightly higher number of children on Sundays but otherwise it was a homogeneous and interactive audience.

Evaluating Participant Experience- How did you find out what public thought of your programme? What methods/activities worked well, or didn’t, in the space? With specific audience groups, or at specific times?
I think all the parts of the business worked very well. The space was used in a functional way and the traffic of people was distributed quite well. Maybe we should have added descriptive signs at the entrance to explain the project, as we explained it by voice, to people who were not very willing to talk (or even to not have to explain everything completely each time and have more exchange conversations than just descriptive ones).

Outcome for the artists what has changed about your artist’s approaches to, or interest in, participatory practice?
I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and how I participate in it. There are some aspects of teamwork that I didn’t know before and others that I’ve found from past work. Having worked with external collaborators has made us all grow professionally and my way of working in a team has certainly been enriched with knowledge.

Outcomes for participants Do you have any evidence that the project made a difference to participants lives? This could be changes in perception, understanding, action being taken…
Yes, I believe that many of them came out of the installation with a greater awareness of their consumption and how natural resources have a value in their disposal as well. Many have been sensitive to the situation of the coffee farmers and have understood the importance of consuming products that do not exploit the poverty of these people.

Legacy- Does the project have a future life? Or has it been a cataòyst for something new?
Immediately after the event, we decided to try to send the proposal for the Istanbul biennial, keeping the same aim but changing some elements to adapt it to the new delivery and improve it in some parts.