light flickering

Back in England I went practically immediately to test the lights I took in Italy.
They worked perfectly with only one small but negligible problem: the frequency of the lights is difficult to photograph. The effect is particular.
But nothing I can’t solve by taking pictures with a camera and then what counts is the human eye and with that there are no problems.
Of course in the siren lamp there were no problems to let the bulb in, but in the same way it entered perfectly also in the Nissen Lamp.

Having the right light source is a big step if you want to do some lighting, and this spurs you even more to move on to the next step.
Now I need to focus on the two bases that I decided to do. Or rather three. two for the Nissen lamp and one for the siren.

For the Nissen lamp I have to print again the prototype for the “traditional” one and I am planning another base that puts together also the aesthetics of the pedestrian barriers.

However the effect of the light through the Parian is spectacular, warm and welcoming, it seems almost incandescent!

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