I haven’t written for a long time, the arrival of the new studio has given me a stir in my soul. Positive.

I decided not to wait any longer with my hands in hand, I started looking for a new place where I could do something and where I could start putting my ideas together again.
Initially there was nothing. There is the first photo taken with Deb showing me the space, I immediately fell in love with the view of the barriers of the Thames.
Lots of light and people around them working too, when they are there.

I chose it for the window, the large table that the other spaces did not have and for the view of the river, even if only for a small glimpse. First floor, space 11A, happiness.

It takes me 25 minutes by bike and 40/45 by bus, great! I do a bit of physical activity when I ride my bike and listen to some music if I go by bus. The nice thing is that when I ride my bike I have the possibility to go all the way along the river, without cars and with lots of quiet and open air places. it has become a way to relax and take a half hour for me.

There was only the table and so I started by putting everything on it, cleaned the floor and started looking in the street.
To date all the furniture in the space I found or was given to me.
An office chair with a small banquet, some ikea shelves, a very badly placed iron shelf and two other small cabinets.

Shortly afterwards I went to pick up some of my things at university, and so I managed to get my moulds, even though I didn’t have how to cast them and other little things that already made it more mine.
Kien and Esmond came to work a couple of times and it was like being together in the university studio. Quiet music and everyone doing their own thing, sometimes a break and a chat and away we went.
I still felt lost and I felt that the things I was doing I was doing without a why, without any real reasoning behind it but I was already very happy like that.