I decided to put myself into practice a little bit with the production of wooden boxes to give to my girlfriend’s family in Colombia.
The intent was to cut the beam that I bought of tuilpano into small slices half an inch thick.
To cut them I used the circular saw, starting a couple of them for the whole laboratory.
In this case the design was done while I was thinking about how to use these slices of wood.
The first box was of course the one where I had to understand the process to be performed, while the other two were very fast to be assembled.

I wanted to try as much as possible to create interesting shapes using the beautiful grain of the wood.
The small details arrived with the arrival of many small problems to solve.
I decided to round off all the edges and, since I had broken some slices of wood, I decided to create the lids from those broken slices by gluing them together and covering the fracture with the handle which, with a non-regular shape, created an element less rigid than the established shapes of the box.

was a relaxing practice, the desire to do and stay in the laboratory is a beautiful feeling, the creation of small objects contains within it complexity and satisfaction in dealing with small problems that arise.