With the few means I have at home I made this painting. A network of works in progress, an old canvas of which I covered the drawing of a barrier that was there before, even if, intentionally, it is still visible in transparency.
The net is the prison where the barrier that can be seen in the distance is kept. The elements are of the urban environment and in a way they also want to represent the state of my stuck project.
At the top left you can see a cross drawn with my fingers, it wanted to be a star at first but it has become more like my signature.

This is a worm made from plastic balls found inside Guinness cans, the beer I am drinking the most.
It took me a long time to cut all the balls in half with the cutter, but I have plenty of time.
At first I wanted to make some checkers for a backgammon court but then, having no one to play with, I decided to try to put them together with the super attack by creating a base with a yoghurt lid.
It’s not finished yet, I’d like to keep it going and I’m continuing to break the cans to hold every single ball.
It doesn’t really mean anything, it’s a hobby.
In the meantime, my fingers have stuck to me because of too much glue, a really unpleasant feeling.