I wanted to create a stand for the Ceramic Siren lamp I’m making.
The stand needed to raise the lamp as a sculpture, giving importance and erect its shape.
I decided to work with the wood lathe to make a smooth revolved shape as a column used for the bust.
I wanted to use less wood possible and trying also to use the spare parts from other projects that I made in the past weeks.

I didn’t draw the final shape that I wanted to make but I carved instinctively.
While I was carving it I was thinking that I was acting exactly in the way that I planned to don’t do anymore.
Indeed the outcome wasn’t I as I expected because of this, I didn’t plan properly what I was doing and I was even conscious of it while making it but I didn’t stop.

I created also the wide cylinder glueing four different parts. Also on this part I acted too fast and I cut the circular shape before sanding it properly to have a better grip on it.
These are the details that make you lose time because you act without thinking properly. I felt a bit stupid because I didn’t listen to myself and to the feedback I gave me after the Assessment of the Unit 1.

Why do I keep doing the same mistake? What made me “run” to don’t plan well what I had to do? I think is because inside myself I know that I want to take advantage of every single minute that I can go to the workshops. But this doesn’t make sense anyway because I lose more time doing something that I didn’t reflect on enough.
So How can I fix this problem? I think is just get used to prepare the next thing that I’m going to practice on the day after, thus I don’t lose time of the opening hours of the workshops and I have already a logical process in my mind.
Anyway is important also to don’t rush while doing things but think always which is the best action to do next because often there is no way to do CTRL+Z in real life.

I screwed two parts, glued the other one and, once finished I used the wood finishing oil to stand out the wood’s pattern.
I think the stand itself is not that bad but at the same time is not telling me anything. It doesen’t remind me of a column but vhange anyway the perception of the lamp.

Now is a siren made of ceramic on a stand. What do we see in it? A siren and what else? The shape is perfect, the colours and the materials not. The context is different but I still see the siren clearly.

I should have design it before, deciding measurements and the curves. Understanding the aim that I wanted to achieve and what kind of ho shape would have expressed it in the way that I wanted.
Writing now about this process and about my delusion of the process accomplished gives me hope that I really understood the problem and I will try to use this advice.